Issue: My BTC Deposit Doesn’t Show On Ledger Live

The blockchain is a complex system, and as with many systems things can be slow, and sometimes things can go wrong too. However, if you’re experiencing unconfirmed deposits or the transactions are too slow you need to investigate. Ledger Live is a great tool but in order for it to work properly, it requires its updates.

In this tutorial, we will go over some common issues associated with transactions that are not showing up in your Ledger Live account but were sent. Don’t panic — there are solutions available.

Make sure you are using the latest version of Ledger Live.

What to do if transactions don’t show up on Ledger Live?

1: Ensure you sent the cryptocurrency to the correct address. It might be the case that you sent the cryptocurrency to the wrong address or sent the wrong cryptocurrency to an address. For example, if you send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, the coins will be lost forever.

2: Ensure that the coin you are sending is supported. Not all ERC-20 tokens are supported on Ledger. If the currency is not backed, then you may have to contact the support to work out a resolution.

How to check transactions on the blockchain?

When sending a transaction, you can always look it up on the public blockchain to see whether it was confirmed or not. For Bitcoin, is by far the most popular option to view the live status of transactions. Here’s how you can check the status of your BTC transaction.

Step 1: When you go to the official site, you can click on the tab “Explorer” at the top and select the blockchain you want to view.

Step 2: You will notice on the left-hand side you can select different market tabs such as Transactions, Average Fee, and other helpful indicators that will allow you to transact with cryptocurrencies better.

Step 3: We are going to direct our eyes to the search bar in which we will put an address, transaction, or block to view the live status on it. (Since we are looking for the transaction details, we will put in a tx id).

Step 4: We have picked a transaction that was recently made in our example. On the right side, we will see the “unconfirmed” button. This means that the transaction has not gotten a single confirmation yet. Once it has three confirmations, it will be labeled as “confirmed”. Under “Summary,” you will see the hash and fee that was associated with the transaction. This will let you know if a smaller fee was used, which could be the reason for a slowdown. Under “Details,” we will see other relevant information about the transaction like the Status, Receive Time Stamp, Size, Weight, The Block it was included in, the total amount of bitcoin transacted, and the number of confirmations.


The blockchain is a very complex data system that has many different factors that play a role when confirming a transaction. If your Ledger Live system is not reflecting the correct status that is, then you might be running into an error that can be fixed by the steps outlined above. Once a transaction gets at least three confirmations, it is considered to be irreversible and is “confirmed.”




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